The Question Everyone Is Asking – Will I ever Go Back To Work?!

2020 has been a strange year, to say the least, with none of us really expecting back in March 2020 for it to still be going on a whole year later. So, the question that is now on everybody’s tongue is when will I be going back to work?

Well, the simple answer to this, is that it is looking to be soon that we will be able to head back to our work offices and no longer work from home! Following the government guidelines, it is looking to be by the summer that we will be able to work from the office safely once again!

But, whether you will be an employee which goes back to the office is entirely down to your employer. Some companies may have found that working from home is working best for them. With them being able to save costs on renting an office space, working from home may become the new normal for you.

When it does come to the time that you can head back out to the office for work, it is important to remember that there will still be precautions in place to still prevent the spread. You may still be asked to wear a mask, sit behind screens, and social distance whilst at work for the most part. It is unlikely for workplaces to go completely back to normal until everyone has been vaccinated against this dreadful virus.

Like everyone, we are all excited to head back to work. We are excited to get some form of normality back into our lives. It may be a little while off but when it comes it will be the sure sign that life is heading back to normal. It is important that we all still follow the guidelines in place by the government to ensure their roadmap to normality can be completed as planned.