Hybrid Approach To Office Working

After over a year of office workers working from home, it is likely that we are all considering the option of hybrid working. Hybrid working is where we will spend so many days working from home and so many days working from the office.

This new option for office workers is ideal for most. A lot of office workers enjoying spending time at home, especially if they have any young children for who they struggle with childcare. A hybrid working approach is ideal with you being able to spend some of your working days in the comfort of your own home, while still heading into the office some days. Hybrid working means that workers can choose when they need to go into the office, or if their work can be complete at home. It is the perfect option for people who wish to work from home, yet still, maintain their workplace relationships by visiting the office every so often.

While hybrid working is possibly the best option for most office workers, it may not be the best case for employers. With them realising that they will still need to pay rent and fees on their office spaces even when only a small selection of workers are using the space. This can become expensive for them if they feel as if space is not being used effectively. They may also have found it more difficult with people working from home, with projects falling apart and it is difficult to grab hold of people. Some companies may agree with employees that hybrid working is the best way forward. Mainly as it will allow their workers to maintain their health, with some even still working from home if they feel under the weather.

At the end of the day it will be down to your employer. The worse they can do is say no. Just be sure to ask, and state your main reasoning for wanting the hybrid working option.