Is Running Your Own Business Really The Dream?

You always hear people when talking about their dream career saying that it is their dream to run their own business, but is this really the dream? Talking from my own experiences, I want to share the full ups and downs I have faced whilst running my own business, helping you decide if it really is the dream.

Starting off your dream business is all fun and games. To begin with, it feels amazing. Gaining customers, work, and experience. You couldn’t imagine it being any more difficult than your first few months of finding work. But truth be told, it can be challenging. There may be months that you struggle with sales, where you struggle with finding work. Months that you barely scrape by with enough pay to cover your bills. It is not all sunshine and rainbows, it can be extremely stressful, especially when the honeymoon period has died down.

You may find you have regular customers or clients that purchase your products or services. Now this feels amazing, but again it doesn’t always last forever. Some regular customers and clients may disappear, you may never receive another order. This can be difficult for people who have become reliant on these customers to keep their workflow steady.

Let’s go away from some of the negative points. Running your own business can be amazing especially if you have your own family. You get to choose exactly when you want to work. You can choose your own holiday, your own pay, you are in control. Running your own business in my eyes does give you more freedom and more control. You will know everything and have the freedom to change how it works and what you do.

Running your own business will be stressful, it will be tiring, you will have to work longer hours, to begin with. But it can become a dream. Taking the risk can be worth it…. it certainly has been for me.