Is attending a conference beneficial?

Attending that very first conference can be a daunting prospect.  Conferences are beneficial for several reasons.

1- Networking – gaining contacts and talking to people within the same industry is key to growing a successful business.  Having support from fellow business owners, sharing there experience and offering advice is invaluable.

2- Communication – conference speaking is a great way to improve both your communication skills and your confidence.

3- Opportunity – There maybe opportunities arise to grow your business in ways you’d not anticipated. 

4- Recruitment – You may encounter that perfect person to fill a position within your company.

5- Feedback – sharing a business idea and listening to others opinions can help you to make an important decision.

6- Referrals – As many companies come from all over the country and possibly different sectors of the same industry attend a conference, it is possible to gain referrals.

Competitors from other regions will often become a very useful source of information. Speaking to others outside of your working area may lead to finding out new ideas as well as promoting and sharing your own.