Gender Inequality In Business

Previously on our blog, we have discussed racial inequality. Now, it is without any doubt that there is unfortunately still gender inequality within businesses. Some businesses may think they are being equal within terms of gender when they are truly not. So, how can we combat gender inequality?

For the majority, it is companies that focus on male-dominated roles that seem to struggle with gender inequality. These are generally the jobs that include heavy lifting, building, dirty work, rubbish removal or driving. As it is just not seemed that these jobs are suitable for women workers, even though some women may be interested in these roles. It’s the same vice versa, women dominated roles are not very open to hiring men. For example hairdressers, anything to do with beauty, midwifery and more.

Again one of the first aspects you need to consider is who you are hiring. Are you hiring an equal ratio of men and women workers for the same job. When you look at who you are hiring you may discover who you are favouring. Then you can look into why your company is favouring this gender more than the other.

Even if you do hire a nice ratio of both genders into your workplace you may still not be equal between all of your workers. For example, one of your genders may have a slightly higher average pay, this can show that you are favouring this gender. It is the same if you are offering one gender more benefits, sick days and other extras. There are times where people need the extra help, but if it is across your whole business you should look at how you run your business.

Combat business gender inequality by looking into your business. See how you can favour each gender, making everyone feel welcome into your working world.