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Creating a Positive Staff Culture

Company culture is about more than just how much your staff get paid and whether you offer them incentives. It is about setting up a positive working environment, where people feel valued and listened to and as a result, enjoy going to work. It’s something that you as a managing director should set up in […]

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Can you Meet New Clients at Networking Events?

Networking events are important for any business, especially local businesses who operate mainly out of their local areas. You will meet a whole new community of people that you had no idea existed, especially if you are a new business. It’s a valuable experience that you shouldn’t turn down. Some businesses go to networking events […]

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The Finest of Google Marketing Bedford

As soon as you have added your enterprise listing in Google Places you prospects have easy entry to you on Google Maps. It is an effective, particularly user helpful mapping company which will give your prospective purchasers your location with straightforward to abide by instructions and your speak to info.

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Utilising the Power of the Internet – Tips for Web Promotion and Marketing

With the increased level of competition in virtually all business niches, web marketing comes as a major convenience for most businesses, thanks to its flexibility and versatility. The internet offers a vast platform of opportunities for businesses, eliminating most of the hurdles faced in most conventional marketing practices and at a fraction of the costs. […]

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Is it worth it for businesses to pay a legal retainer for a lawyer?

The legal system and business have a very interconnected relationship, with the business decisions having to be informed by legal expertise at every step of the way. The legal system can provide useful information regarding employment policies, taxes, credit collection, and a lot more besides these. Even with all the ways that it can be […]

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Advertising on your Business’s Website

Online advertising is not cheap and if you’re in a position where you regularly attract thousands of visitors each month and then people will be willing to spend money to place their adverts on your website. If this sounds like something you’re interested in, then you need to make sure you know the effects it […]

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Pitching your B2B Product/Services

Many B2B businesses regularly make relevant businesses aware of their products and services, while some earn the opportunity to present their products/services in a meeting or a planned event. Success To succeed in this type of situation, you have to be able to show the business how you’re going to improve their profits, performance or […]