What Makes a Good Conference Venue for Watford Businesses?

Conferences are a chance for businesses to come together, spread the word about what they do and create a buzz around their field. Businesses in Watford are lucky enough to enjoy plenty of good conference venues and business opportunities, allowing them to expand their reach and meet with other businesses and people who could further their business opportunities. Conference venues in Watford offer businesses many opportunities, as there are some excellent facilities in some very strategic locations that will allow you to show what your business can do, whilst inspiring others around you.

So what are the core components of a good conference venue? It’s important that the venue meets your needs as a business, and that you can get everything you need to out of your conference. This will set it up for success from the very beginning and will ensure you are set to achieve your full business aims. Here are some of the key conference venue considerations:

  • Accessibility. The conference venue you choose needs to be suitable for everyone in attendance. On the most basic level, this means checking that people with accessibility needs will be able to enter the building and will have facilities suitable for them. You need to make sure that the building is suitable for disabled guests or those with mobility requirements. Check about wheelchair access and whether everything is on one level. It might be sensible to book a ground floor conference venue for these reasons.
  • Good location. Your conference venue needs to be easily accessible for the Watford businesses in attendance. Check whether there is parking and make sure everyone will easily be able to get to the venue. You could also see if the venue will be near good public transport links. If you are holding a conference over multiple days, check that there is somewhere for people to stay overnight if required.
  • Catering facilities. Your conference delegates will need to be looked after. Make sure you discuss catering with the conference providers, and at the very least see if they can provide you with tea, coffee and snacks. Ensure that there is space for people to eat at lunch time and that there will be catering options for all dietary requirements.
  • AV equipment. You might require various types of equipment to give presentations at your conference. Make sure the venue can hire you projectors, lighting and anything else you need, or work out what is there and hire it yourself. Check both options to see which will be the more cost effective.
  • Plenty of space to use however you like. Conferences can take many formats, from formal presentations to activities. There might also need to be space for some display stands. Make sure the space is big enough, or, indeed, small enough and your guests won’t feel lost in the middle of a large room. Check with the venue that you can use the space flexibly and, if you need to, can rearrange it. Sometimes you can arrange for the venue to do this for you.