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Is it worth it for businesses to pay a legal retainer for a lawyer?

The legal system and business have a very interconnected relationship, with the business decisions having to be informed by legal expertise at every step of the way. The legal system can provide useful information regarding employment policies, taxes, credit collection, and a lot more besides these. Even with all the ways that it can be […]

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Finding a solicitor for a Defamation case

Unfortunately today, many businesses can face a battle to protect their brand integrity with Facebook, Twitter and other online portals. Social media networks can offer instant ‘live’ communication, and with this you can leave yourself in a vulnerable position. This should not be the case, and protecting your brand by finding the right solicitor is […]

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Why use intellectual property solicitors

Any creative work is termed to as intellectual property. These works may include all artistic, symbols, literary and image works among others within a business. Such works are considered to belong to its creator. Intellectual rights in the UK are protected under Intellectual property law commonly referred to as IP law. The professionals who are […]