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Should Titles and Name Plates Matter?

A name plate is commonly used to identify a person’s name, his title, a product on the shelf, a company and even a location. Name plates have been used for many years for the above reasons and also to market a specific product. They are manufactured in many different varieties to suit the customer’s needs. […]

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Outsourcing for business

The biggest businesses in the world can cover all bases. There is not a department that they can’t staff; if they need food they build a catering department, they need PR, they’ve got it covered, there is simply nothing that they cannot afford or staff. But what about you guys? What about your business? For […]

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Building your own website

Your business needs a website. I am sorry for laying it out so plainly; but your company simply cannot reach its full potential if it does not have an online presence. Building a website can be expensive and time consuming for anyone; not just those with little experience, even people with years of experience online […]

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Logo Design

Logo’s are the “face” of any business (provided you don’t have any immediate brand affiliations or sponsorship deals in place) of which potential customers and clients will engage with the first time they are made aware of your brand. If you are a skilled designer with many years experience chances are you can do it […]

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Designing an Office

If you’re set to move into a new building or an office, and you’re already starting to plan the layout, there are a few aspects you should consider. Think about your staff members and their responsibilities and roles, who connects to who, and who is likely to be working more closely? Once you’ve answered this […]

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Office Reception Desks – Great Investments

When it comes to getting the best and the least expensive furniture for your company, you cannot go wrong with looking at the various kinds of office reception desks which are available. For those who have employees to work at a desk, it is essential to provide them with a good working space that is […]