Is it worth it for businesses to pay a legal retainer for a lawyer?

The legal system and business have a very interconnected relationship, with the business decisions having to be informed by legal expertise at every step of the way. The legal system can provide useful information regarding employment policies, taxes, credit collection, and a lot more besides these.

Even with all the ways that it can be beneficial to have a relationship with a legal firm, that doesn’t mean that you need to pay a legal retainer. A legal retainer is a payment that you pay in advance of the casework that a lawyer does on your behalf. This money can then be used to fund the legal process involved in the work they’re doing, but it does have some negative aspects. Firstly, the money is what they expect they’ll need, which means that there may be some left over. In these cases the lawyer should return the money, but sometimes the process can become complicated, leading to further legal action being necessary.