NeoGAF: From rags to riches

In a dark corner of the internet there existed a forum called Gaming Age Forum, or GAF for short. A place where people gathered to chat about games and the industry. The clients were diverse; fans, developers, publishers and enthusiasts alike all joining together and exercising their minds in discussion. The forum slowly subsided though, with one of the fans taking up the rails when the forums went under.

Then came NeoGAF. Under the stewardship of a new owner the forum has seen millions of signups; while the developers are still members they post less frequently given the sheer volume of people who might interpret the news in any kind of nonsensical ways. Despite that the forum’s popularity continues to grow, with many news sites using NeoGAF as origins for their work. Even during the hectic E3 events NeoGAF remains popular; with stories breaking and news leaking every single minute.