Logo Design

Logo’s are the “face” of any business (provided you don’t have any immediate brand affiliations or sponsorship deals in place) of which potential customers and clients will engage with the first time they are made aware of your brand.

If you are a skilled designer with many years experience chances are you can do it for yourself, or will currently be charging someone at the moment to design one for them. The first thing to consider is the simplicity of design. It needs to be eye catching enough but also simple (with vector based properties for different scaling applications). Complex designs can often get lost in its complexity and can obstruct the intended perception of your business.

There are many agencies that offer “quick turn around” with “professional results”. Chances are, if they are ridiculously cheap then you will certifiably get what you pay for. If your logo sets you apart from the competitors then its worth the time, energy and investment it deserves to get the desired results.