Cutting Costs Hiring Home Workers

There is a large market of highly efficient multitasker’s out there who may be unable to work full time, and/or unable to get the part time hours they need to match their lifestyles. These people are mums, whether single or coupled, they will mostly be willing to do something on the side to generate a little extra income.

The problem with home working opportunities is that the pay is usually awful, and the jobs that say they will pay more usually turn out to be scams or home working opportunities with catalogues companies that will involve a lot of time and effort to generate any leads; leads that may or may not lead to a sale.

With the current economy businesses may need to cut back on costs and will ultimately have to make redundancies to save money, then redistribute the workload to others still working in those departments. This may seem like a good idea of cost cutting, and if those other workers were under performing with an easy workload then this may work out well. But in most cases this will ultimately lead to poor productivity as other employees get overloaded from the extra work and ultimately burn out, resulting in time off and already overworked staff to fill in; it just won’t work long term and essential employees may just give up and quit.

The way to solve this problem is to outsource the extra work load as and when required at a low but reasonable rate of pay, but target the work towards mum’s and make it interesting. There is a wide range of different tasks from sales and marketing, data entry, typing, proof reading and ad-hoc filing that you can outsource (with ad-hoc filing clerks, this usually involves hiring somebody to come in to the company and sort the files out when required, then terminate the short contract when they have finished).

Normally companies hire agency workers for these tasks, which is ok if a company is prepared to take a risk with a range of unknown workers with varied skill-sets. Though a more viable solution would be to have dedicated home workers on the books that a company can build relationships with and know they will be reliable and get the work done; always have at least 2 or more on the books depending on the requirements and touch base with them every month to ascertain their availability as time goes on.

Also when a company has slow periods they will balance off the work within the company in the various departments that normally handle similar tasks, and the work won’t need to be outsourced. This way a company can save a lot of money and won’t have to pay redundancy costs and a fixed weekly wage or monthly salary as a result of having full time staff to do those jobs.