Corporate Marquee Hire in the Bedford Area

Hiring a marquee is the perfect way to make a corporate event that little bit more special. Not only will you have access to your own personal space, you will also be able to have a space that is completely customisable, allowing you to make it look and feel perfect for the nature of your corporate event. A lot of companies are now opting for marquee hire in Bedford when they need a location for their corporate event. You will be in good company in the business world if you go down the route of hiring our a marquee.

There are various options you can select when you hire a marquee, so you can always find exactly what you want for different kinds of events. Gone are the days when marquees were draughty, flimsy or inadequate – a marquee can provide you with the perfect base for any event. More flexible and just as stable as a permanent space, a marquee will be the first choice of savvy business owners. If you pick a reputable marquee hire company as well, they can give you all the advice and wisdom you need to draw upon when you are selecting the marquee of choice. They can listen to your needs, understanding what kind of event you are holding, and help you find the perfect marquee to satisfy your requirements.

Marquee hire for corporate events – what kinds of events can they be used for?

Marquees are versatile and flexible structures for businesses to use. These are some of the events they may be used for:

  • Conferences. If you are hosting an event to celebrate and explore your industry and field, a marquee will give you the perfect space in which to do so. You will have the opportunity to set up different areas and stations, or to have one speaker at the front on a stage. A marquee allows you to have the kind of space that you would need for a successful event without having to source it within a building like a hotel or a business centre.
  • Open days and fairs. You can choose an unlined marquee if you want to host an open day or fair, giving you what is essentially an open plan design so you can position stalls and stations for different businesses. The marquee will give you complete protection against the weather outside, without restricting you in terms of layout. If you are hosting an event like a university or college open day, or a business sector fair or event, then this is going to offer the perfect layout for you.
  • Parties and corporate celebrations. Many corporate companies have events and celebrations at the end of the year, or throughout the year for staff incentives. A marquee can be the perfect base for your celebration, so you have your own private venue and you don’t have to pay the costs of hiring out somewhere bigger. Marquees are now regularly hired by companies to host their annual Christmas parties.