Should Titles and Name Plates Matter?

A name plate is commonly used to identify a person’s name, his title, a product on the shelf, a company and even a location. Name plates have been used for many years for the above reasons and also to market a specific product.

They are manufactured in many different varieties to suit the customer’s needs. Some are made out of different materials, also in different sizes and shapes. For example they can be made out of wood, metal, plastic and even on laminated paper. Metal name plates tend to be used by most offices to serve this purpose. And some may contain the name and title of an employee or the office, sometimes to point to which way the restroom, stairs or the exit is. They are made out of different materials and mostly made out of those that are impervious to tarnish and decay I.e. Stainless steel, aluminium and brass. They are commonly used because of their durability and the flexibility of metal to be branded. Name plates are not permanent and can be changed to suit the office one holds and name change. Some people also use name plates for personal reasons. They are also used for vehicular identification. Most of the name plates are used to identify an engine or an electronic device that cannot use a plastic sticker for its identification.

There are different ways of making metal name plates. Some are printed, anodized, serial numbering, thermal printing, prototyping, chemically etched engraved etc. Stainless steel and brass are commonly chemically etched. Etched name plates offer a more durable option. These can still be printed should one need them to be.

Production and manufacturing of name plates is an interesting and engaging art that has a wide market in the UK. The market include companies that manufacture electronics, companies with offices, hotels, the government for signage of roads and estates, schools, homeowners, airports, train stations and trains, public vehicle companies, real estate and housing, medical and hospitals, aerospace and many more. The products can be made as permanent, removable or single use or both. This industry makes millions of pounds per year in this trade that is as lucrative as is diverse. There are very many companies that manufacture name plates but the business is still lucrative.

A name plate would generally go for between 136 -10,360 pounds for a customized plate. Even though we have no concrete information about these, we searched for the prices online and general name plates and tags have to be cheaper than the above mentioned especially those manufactured by the government and also companies that offer a discount in the production of the said different types of plates.

Customised plates can say much about a person’s personality, hobby and character and can communicate a message to the public and thus why they are a bit more expensive than ordinary name plates. With an individual’s specification, one can submit to a company and have the plated produced as they want them.