Designing an Office

If you’re set to move into a new building or an office, and you’re already starting to plan the layout, there are a few aspects you should consider.

Think about your staff members and their responsibilities and roles, who connects to who, and who is likely to be working more closely? Once you’ve answered this question, make sure they are close to each other, making it convenient when they are working together.

You may have sets of teams, and perhaps you’ll want to allocate each team with their own space or office. If our business is small, or perhaps everyone works closely, an open office layout could ideal. This means that everyone is within touching distance should advice, help or teamwork be required.

You may also want to consider personal relationships, and if there are a couple of individuals who are easily distracted by each other, separating them can improve the outflow of work, while two people who generally don’t get on could be better off further apart.

Remember to consider your members of staff and not just the furniture within your business’s office.