Building your own website

Your business needs a website. I am sorry for laying it out so plainly; but your company simply cannot reach its full potential if it does not have an online presence. Building a website can be expensive and time consuming for anyone; not just those with little experience, even people with years of experience online can find themselves tied up in design, in domain names and in expenses. One of the main expenses is tied up in that design element; you need to make the decision on whether or not to code your own website, which I wouldn’t recommend unless you are a coding and web wizard (or have the time to commit to learning), the other choice is to use a third party website to help you design it.

This would always be my choice, in fact all of the websites I have made over the years have been through them. You choose the type of website you want; a portfolio, a shop or a blog, and then go about designing the website from back to front. This is an easy way to make beautiful, clean and professional looking websites from scratch.