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Social media for local business

The imagined community. It is something that I have thought a lot about since my time at University where we studied critical theory and analysis. This is a very interesting theory about how people enjoy being in a community, even if it’s pretend. Take a look at a restaurant; we go into those that have […]

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Advertising on your Business’s Website

Online advertising is not cheap and if you’re in a position where you regularly attract thousands of visitors each month and then people will be willing to spend money to place their adverts on your website. If this sounds like something you’re interested in, then you need to make sure you know the effects it […]

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Getting your Event Managed in the South East

Managing an event can be a deeply rewarding and enjoyable experience but there’s so much to it and we’re going to give you a quick heads up that this entry is a bit of a long one! Whether, you are planning corporate events for the organization your work for, or even own, or if you […]

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Finding the Inspiration for a Business Idea?

Business Ideas do not just have to come from your own creative thinking cap; they can acome from virtually anywhere. That’s not to say that you can go out there and steal other people’s ideas, but you can take your inspiration from elsewhere. You may throw several ideas out the window before you come to […]

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Looking back over that Outdated Business Plan

A business plan can soon become outdated, and there may come a time when your company plan needs reviewing. If you’ve found that costs are rising and profits are taking a hit, then it’s urgent that you take a look at your plan and your business’s expenditure. You may also have to review your business […]

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Entrepreneurial Sprit

If you’re into business then you’ve probably heard about entrepreneurial spirit at some point, but what exactly does it relate to? Entrepreneurial spirit is a passion for business and a belief in your own ideas, but it’s also about a being reluctant to fail. Positivity is everything in business and if you don’t completely believe […]

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Testing your business idea

If you have a business idea and you’re beginning to put a lot more thought into it; perhaps believing in it more and more, then it’ important to get the perspective from other people and test your idea out on them. It is often said that you have to understand business to run your own, […]